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We offer supplements that are necessary for a healthier and more successful yield of bee colonies ...

Sugar cakes for feeding bees

By developing a unique recipe for the production of sugar cakes for feeding bees, we have reached the best ratio.

Honeycomb bases

Our honeycomb bases are made of wax from Serbian beehives, without the addition of paraffin or any other surrogates.

Ubod stop (Sting stop)

UBOD STOP is a hand cream with essential oils of plants, some of which act as repellents, and some have a calming effect on bees, making them less prone to stinging. 

The cream is made on a water basis, which is very important because after applying the cream, hands are dry (but not greasy) with only fragrant oils remaining, which makes it easier to work in the apiary. 

Also, one of the ingredients of the cream is panthenol, which has a beneficial effect on the skin.

Slow-burning papers

Made of pure cellulose filter paper with high absorption power, soaked in KNO3 in a perfect ratio, which gives the exact combustion time.