Sugar syrup

The syrup is produced exclusively from sugar beet sugar and trial measurements have shown that from 5 liters (6.8 kg) of syrup a beehive gains 5 or more kilograms in weight, because the sugar concentration is about 70%.

Inverted sugar syrup very successfully replenishes the winter food stocks of the bee colony in the autumn, and in the spring and summer it very successfully stimulates the queen to increase egg laying, and thus improves and accelerates the development of the colony. 

The inverted syrup in our production is decomposed into glucose and fructose by about 90%, which is best seen by its clarity, so that bees do not have to decompose and process it and their task is only to deposit it in honeycomb cells and cover.

Inverted syrup is used from early spring to late autumn, i.e., in the period when the bees are in contact with nature, and accordingly we produce 2 types of syrup, which are:

Basic invert syrup

which is added from August until the first cold days in order to replenish the winter food supplies of a bee colony. 

The syrup needs to be added to the bee colony until it fills the frames with food and seal, in the amount needed for overwintering, in proportion to the strength of the bee colony. 

This syrup contains the necessary vitamins and minerals, amino acids (BEEFORS) as well as iodine and potassium iodide (APINOZ), which is very important for easier overwintering of the bee colony. 

There is also salt, which is very important to the bee colony.

Enriched invert syrup

which is used from early spring until the bee colony achieves sufficient strength for the first main foraging. This syrup helps the bee colony to build honeycomb bases more easily if there is not enough natural nectar intake, and at the same time it stimulates the queen to increase the laying of new eggs. The colonies to which this syrup is added are progressing very fast and will surely be ready for the next season to be productive colonies. Inverted sugar syrup fills the honeycombs in the brood box much faster, so that the bees will store the honey directly in the honeycombs from the first foraging.

In its composition, this syrup contains the necessary vitamins and minerals, amino acids (BEEFORS), salt as well as very important cobalt chloride) in quantities that ensure the accelerated development of colonies.

For the period when bees do not communicate with nature (they do not come out of the hives), API-TRADE produces high quality sugar cakes for feeding bees.