Proizvodni pogon

We have equipped the new production line with the latest technology and the most modern, automatic machines, and the entire production takes place according to the HACCP system and the system of Good Manufacturing Practice, with constant control of the Veterinary Specialist Institute Nis, ensuring the quality and hygienically correct products to our customers.

Based on the advanced technology in the new production line, and in accordance with the law and regulations, the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection - Veterinary Department assigned us a control EXPORT number, and our new production line was included in the register of export facilities of the Republic of Serbia.

In accordance with this, our aim for the season 2014/2015 is to place our products on the market of the surrounding countries, the European Union countries.

We were honored to host a television crew of Vertigo Production, who came to visit our new production line.

They made a report in which you can see everything we told you about, and that is how the production should look according to all our standards, and also according to the standards of the European Union in order to get the Export control number. 

In the meantime, after the arrival of the television team, we received an export number for the European Union, so now we are among the few companies in the Balkans that will appear on the European market. 

We hope that your report will be interesting and that you will see something new in the field of beekeeping. Enjoy watching.