Bee sugar cakes

Our bee sugar cakes are made exclusively from sugar produced in Serbia (from sugar beet sugar).

By developing a unique recipe for the production of bee sugar cakes, we have reached the best relationship between sugar, vitamins, minerals and all other ingredients of the cake. 

Thanks to this perfect balance of ingredients, our bee sugar cake has the ability to remain permanently elastic even when standing in the hive for a long time, as well as to be eaten whole, without any residue in the bag or on the bottom of the hive. 

We produce three types of bee sugar cakes:

Basic sugar cake

It consists of invert sugar, vitamin-mineral supplements, salt and a Nosema control chemical.
It is used from overwintering of bee colonies until the beginning of spring development.

Enriched sugar cake

It consists of invert sugar, vitamin-mineral supplements, salt, pollen substitute and cobalt chloride (forsapine), which is guaranteed to increase the bearing capacity of the queen by 20-30%. 

Cake with EM probiotic

Enriched cake with EM probiotic to raise the immunity of bees in order to prevent the most severe bee diseases.


Cake with EM probiotic

The latest research by American scientists proves that the use of cakes with the addition of probiotic cultures of microorganisms prevents bee diseases. The reduction in the occurrence of bacterial and fungal diseases is reported, with a special emphasis on reducing the occurrence of American foulbrood.
These findings are confirmed by our experience in the use of EM probiotics for bees in the prevention and treatment of various diseases. The influence of probiotics for bees on raising the immunity of bees and strengthening the defense abilities of the bee organism have also been proven in scientific studies and verified in many years of application.

Quality, well-inverted sugar cake helps the bee colony to save honey in the winter, which is much needed for the development of the bee colony in the spring.

The addition of EM probiotic for bees to sugar cakes (only at "test" temperatures below 35 ° C) reduces the pressure on microorganisms in the intestines of bees, increases and facilitates the digestibility of the sugar cake. Bees spend significantly less of their energy on the digestion process, and the substances created by microorganisms from EM probiotics for bees have a multiple positive effect on bees.

EM probiotic for bees is a completely natural product that has been proven to have a beneficial effect on raising immunity in bees, both by adding it to sugar cakes and in other ways of application. It has a preventive effect on internal factors that can lead to bee diseases.
It stimulates the development of the bee community, by stimulating the working mood of both WORKER BEES and the queen. Due to the rapid development of Effective Microorganisms from EM probiotics for bees, they almost instantly gain an advantage in mass over bad microorganisms, so that both in the hive and in the intestines of bees, they act to prevent their development and the appearance of infectious diseases. Sugar cakes with the addition of EM probiotics for bees will raise the immune status of your bees and in most cases prevent the development of bee diseases, and your bees will be healthier and more ready for the start of the season.

Due to the specificity of the sugar cakes, they are added at a time when bees cannot use other forms of food, i.e., when the outside temperature is below 15 degrees and in other periods when the beekeeper cannot maintain the bees regularly due to work obligations.
The first preventive cake is given in autumn and early winter to protect the intestinal system of bees from Nosema. From the middle of January, cakes are added to stimulate the development of a stronger and better colony.

Winter bees have the task of raising two to three young bees in the spring before they end their life, and with EM PROBIOTICS, that number will certainly be higher. Rapid development guarantees strong colonies until the first foraging. Strong colonies guarantee good use of foraging and larger quantities of bee products, and thus the profit of beekeepers will not be lacking.