Honeycomb bases

Our honeycomb bases are produced with the most modern cold rolling technology, a machine from the world-renowned manufacturer Rietsche.

The wax for the production of honeycomb bases is sterilized at 120-125˚C and then precipitated and cooled to the operating temperature before entering the line for making honeycomb bases.

From the liquid wax, the line produces a smooth strip, in which, after cooling, the beginnings of honeycomb cells are pressed with engraved rollers in an ideal ratio and arrangement, and then automatically cut to standardized dimensions, or dimensions according to customer requirements. 

This method of production gives the honeycomb base the property of elasticity, so that it does not break even at low temperatures.

Our honeycomb bases are made of wax from Serbian beehives, without the addition of paraffin or any other surrogates.
The convenience we offer to our clients is that they can make honeycomb bases from their wax in their presence, by observing the whole process of making their honeycomb bases.